The Tan Can Product Breakdown

The Tan Can Product Breakdown

While many of The Tan Can’s customers use our products both separately and all together in their everyday skin regimes, we wanted to take the time to explain what each product’s role is.

Let’s start with the Body Scrub:

This scrub, unlike others, uses apricot seeds in replacement of microbeads that harm the environment and are synthetic. The aloe vera base moisturizes your skin after the apricot seeds scrub away any dead cells or dry patches, leaving your skin polished and smooth. The Tan Can recommends using this scrub prior to using the Bikini Attitude Sunless Tanner to ensure even results. The Body Scrub also doubles as an after-scrub, for when you want to remove your old tan.

Next, The Tan Can’s Body Butter:

Our Body Butter is our second best selling product, by both men and women! It’s light and refreshing scent is both appealing and not overwhelming. Two key ingredients are hydrating aloe vera and anti-aging hyaluronic acid- a combo that both prevents and fixes fine lines and wrinkles. The Tan Can suggests using this butter in both everyday regimes as well as for maintaining your sunless tan.

Now, our infamous Bikini Attitude:

Our sunless tanning lotion, also available in a spray, is notorious for being far different from other products. The Tan Can’s Bikini Attitude is free of those unwanted post-tanning lotion scents and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. The results given are natural, buildable, and streak-free. While this is our best selling product, our other products work hand in hand to make sure the Bikini Attitude lasts as long as possible.

Lastly, our Body Wash and Shave Gel:

Our Body Wash is gentle, cleansing, and can double as shave gel. The Tan Can suggests using this product both for everyday cleansing, as well as to prolong your tan. Most body washes contain harsh chemicals that can strip your skin of your sunless tan you worked hard to prep for, The Tan Can’s Body Wash is chemical-free and works to make your tan last as long as possible.


We have put careful thought into each and every product and hope that you love each one as well as the results!