8 Benefits Of Sunless Tanning

Having a healthy bronze gives you confidence, but risking your health for tanned skin is not necessarily a good trade-off. Sunless tanning gives your skin a sun-kissed, hydrated look without the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, but you should be able to do it without using harsh chemicals on your skin (which could be just as bad as the sun). The benefits of a beautiful sunless tan with natural ingredients go far beyond a sun-kissed glow.

It’s safer

Not only is getting a sunburn painful, but it’s extremely dangerous. Baking your skin in the sun too long once every two years, triples your risk of melanoma skin cancer. Sunless tanning is much safer – enjoy a nice tan without the harmful radiation from the sun.

Reduce signs of aging

Skin that has been exposed to the sun begins to age more quickly. A study from the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic And Investigational Dermatology, found that the sun is responsible for up to 80% of aging and wrinkles in women. The self-tanning products from The Tan Can have a nourishing formula that feeds your skin with vitamins and antioxidants. The hydrating and nourishing features eliminate the threat of speeding up the aging process.

Less time

Who wants to try to catch every ray of sunshine or make an appointment each time it’s time for a tan refresh? With self-tanning products, you’ll have a natural tan when you want it. Weekend getaway? Birthday bash? Or just prepping for the summer? Get your tan quicker with The Tan Can product line.

Personalized tone

If you’ve ever experienced the painfulness of a sunburn, you know there is no tan phase – your skin goes straight to red. Likewise, a one-size-fits-all tanning machine doesn’t allow you to personalize the tone to your liking. With self-tanning, you can apply more or less often to achieve the skin tone you desire.

Body is instantly thinner

A bronzed tan gives your body a sculpted, toned appearance. Create a shadow in all the right places with self-tanning, giving you an instantly slimmer look and a boost of confidence.

Easy to maintain

Self-tanning is on your time – rainy days, winter months – so there’s no dependency on nature or a tanning boutique. Moisturize your skin every day, or whenever you choose, to keep a lasting bronze year-round.

No pale winters

With self-tanning, you don’t have to go through the winter white phase when the sun disappears. While everyone else is pulling out the contouring tools to try to keep a summer glow, you can massage the color and hydration back into your skin.


Looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost it! The Tan Can self-tanning products help you keep a healthy tan without breaking the bank. No trips to Hawaii needed (although we’re definitely not against a tropical escape!). Here’s how you can keep your summer bronze for less than the cost of a night out.

The Tan Can products are nourishing scrubs, lotions and tanners that keep your skin healthy and tanned in an easy applicable way. Enjoy the lasting results and hydrated bronze that come with a great self-tan.