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Body Wash and Shave Gel

Prolong the life of your spray tan with The Tan Can body wash! Formulated with organic and natural ingredients, this body wash will keep your tan fresh and glowing for 7-10 days.



Whether caring for your sunless tan or used as an everyday gentle body wash, The Tan Can body wash will keep your skin clean, hydrated and glowing. This creamy, rich formula is designed to prolong the life of your spray tan.  It will not strip the skin of its color or moisture and will ensure that your tan will fade evenly.
This luxurious foam is also perfect for shaving allowing the razor to glide smoothly and easily without irritation, leaving the skin smooth and silky.  Adding this creamy cleanser to your bath turns it into a bubble bath; perfect for baby’s sensitive skin or your own. The intoxicating citrus scent will wake up your skin and keep you feeling energized and refreshed all day long!
6 oz.

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Weight 6 oz

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