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The Tan Can Express Solution is second to none.  This organic, Paraben free solution is formulated with organic and natural plant based ingredients and is one size fits all!  No more mixing different levels of solution for each client; this solution can be used for every skin tone.  The level of color is a result from the amount of time it is left on:  2 hours for a light shade, 2.5 for medium (90% of clients do this amount of time), and 3 hours for medium to dark.  You rinse after this amount of time and then the solution will continue to darken for 12-20 hours and result in a natural looking, perfect glow.  Your tan will last 7-10 days and have a flawless fade.  The beauty is you do not have to leave the solution on the whole 8-10 hours as with the regular solution.  You can rinse and go!  1 gallon will give you around 60 tans.  The gallon order will arrive in 2, 1/2 gallon containers for easier pour and storage.

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1/2 Gallon / 64oz., 1 Gallon (shipped in 2, 1/2 gallon containers), 8 oz Sample Size, 32oz.

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